Madarao REPORT

2023.01.20100cm / Sunny

How amazing the riding in the open slopes on the independent mountain (1,382m) of Mt. Madarao is! Today was an ideal day for skiing with the blue sky and no winds. Most of the people who took Super Quad opened at 8:30 a.m. skied into Champion Course (Photo) this morning.

The slope of Champion has the maximum degree of 31, average degree of 16 and total length of 1,600 meters and it is getting more gentle as we skied down. The groomed slopes of Champion, Paradise, Beginner A, B, Utopia, Shirakaba and the lower part of Giant were nicely firm!

One of the patrol staff said, “We get many inquiries about No.13 Single Lift, however, it needs more 50-60cm snow to open the lift. We hope we will have a good snowfall soon.” The tree areas are also in the same condition and the snow looked still not enough in these areas, because I heard 3 snowboarders who dropped into SAWA AREA regretted getting in the course which had not much snow.

The snow amount of 100cm is actually not much in this season, but all of the available groomed slopes had no bushes or ground exposed. Especially, the groomed slope of Paradise was nicely firm and in good condition this morning.

[Madarao Kogen Availability Information on 1/20 (Fri)]
*Almost all areas are available (Except for Powder Line, Powder Theater, Powder Wave 2, River Line, Adventure Isle, Crystal Bowl, NINJA, Rabbit C, Kamoshika C, Bear C)
*Available Lifts … Super Quad (8:30-), No.1 Lift, No.2 Quad Lift, No.3A Lift, No.11 Lift, No.12 Lift, No.15 Lift
*Lift Fees … Area 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY5,500, Over 55 & 13-18 y/o JPY5,000, 6-12 y/o JPY3,000 *Preschooler Free
*The ski area reports of Madarao Kogen will be uploaded once a week. 
reported by Snownavi

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