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After parking my car at the Davos parking lot (*public restrooms available) and climbing for about 10 minutes, I arrived at Davos Hill (pictured), which has beautiful views of Mt. Neko and Mt. Azumaya. Nearby stands the monument to Hannes Schneider, known as the “Father of Modern Alpine Skiing,” and from there the trail to the summit of Mt. Neko continues, taking around three hours (PDF). You can also access the Sugadaira Farm, which was introduced in the previous report.
[Sugadaira Kogen・Davos Hill]

Today I visited the home of the Sanada Clan, which is located about 20 minutes by car from Sugadaira Kogen. The Sanadashi History Museum (pictured) stands next to the Sanada Clan House, and displays historical materials related to the family dating back to the Warring States Period (15th to 17th centuries) and Edo Period (17th to 19th centuries). The ruins of Sanada settlement have been developed into “Oyashiki Park,” which is famous for its approximately 600 azalea plants that peak from late May to early June.
[Sanada History Museum]

I was greeted by a statue of Yukimura Sanada (pictured) as I entered the museum. In one corner, there were souvenirs such as straps, key chains, towels, and other items emblazoned with the Rokumonsen emblem (six Japanese coins) of the Sanada Clan. I fancy myself a history buff, and with the beautiful greenery outside the windows and the quiet, uncrowded environment of the museum, I really enjoyed my visit.
[Sanada History Museum]

A diorama (pictured) titled “The Birthplace of the Sanada Clan” in the exhibition room showed the locations of the ruins of Sanada’s mountain castle, Hase Temple, Sanada Memorial Park, and Nobutsuna Temple. The most eye-catching item on display was the “Osaka Summer Campaign” byobu screen (pictured, background left). Additionally the armor of Yukimura, Masayuki, and Nobuyuki used in the NHK period drama “Sanada Taiheiki” (1985) were on display. After finishing up my report, I went to the Sanada-an restaurant next door, and enjoyed walnut o-hagi rice cakes. (*Please checking opening days and hours in advance.)
[Sanada History Museum]

[Sanada History Museum]
*Address … 2984-1 Motohara, Sanada-cho, Ueda-shi, Nagano
*Opening Hours … 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
*Closing Day … Tuesdays (or the following day if Tuesday is a national holiday), Year-end and New Year’s holidays
*Admission Fee … Adult JPY250, High School Students and above JPY160, Elementary and Middle School Students JPY100
*Parking … Free (*There are 4 locations)

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