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2023.10.18Tsugaike Nature Park / Sunny

As I went up to the upper area by Tsugaike Gondola, the white 3 peaks of Hakuba (Left on photo) which had snowfalls from 10/15 (Sun) to 10/17 (Tue) and autumn tints under my feet made amazing contrast. From the window of the gondola, the cool but refreshing air came in.
[Tsugaike Gondola]

The autumn tints of Tsugaike Nature Park were almost in the late season, however, it was still more beautiful than usual, especially in the scapes from Mt. Korenge to Mt. Hakuba Norikura (Photo) and Yaseone. While on the way to Tenbo Marsh, I slipped on the frozen boardwalk in the shade. By the way, the staff of the visitor center said, “I recommend you to rent our pole (JPY100 per pole) if the courses are slippy.”
[Yaseone, Tsugaike Nature Park]

At Tenbo Marsh, I heard people surprising at the amazing views. Now, Hakuba Daisekkei hardly had the snow after the closure on 8/27 (Sun) because of the thawing. However, the rock ridge of Mt. Shakushi (Altitude 2,812m) got snowed and the peak was so beautiful that I stopped there to take photos for a while.
[Tenbo Marsh, Tsugaike Nature Garden]

This report is the last report in this summer. Thank you for your watching and supporting our reports. It is forecast that it may be snowing because the cold wave will come on this weekend from 10/21 (Sat) to 10/22 (Sun) which is the last weekend of the summer operation of Tsugaike Nature Park. The slope in Tsuga-no-mori in Tsugaike Kogen Ski Area (Photo) will also have a snowfall for the first time as well.
[Tsugaike Ropeway]

[Tsugaike Nature Park Opening Information]
*Business Period … 6/3 (Sat.) 6/4(San.)to 10/22/2023 (Sun.)
*Business Hours … Tsugaike Ropeway 8:00-
*Fees … Round trip use of the Panorama Way (gondola & ropeway) + Nature Park entrance / Adults JPY3,700, Children JPY2,100 → Adult Advance Discount Tickets JPY3,300, Children JPY1,850! (Advance Discount Tickets are usable as-is! Proceed directly to the gondola for immediate boarding.)
[Hakuba Tsugaike WOW! Opening Information]
*Business Period … 6/10 (Sat.) to 10/22/2023 (Sun.)
*Business Hours …9:00-16:00 (Last entrance 15:00) *Only on Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon in October.
*Fees … Tobidasu (One Time) JPY1,000 / Fumidasu (One Time) JPY800 / Kabedasu (One Time) JPY500 / Amidasu (60 min.) JPY1,600 / Kogidasu (One Time) JPY2,000
[TSUGAIKE Outdoor Village]
*Business Period … 6/10 (Sat.)-10/22/2023(Sun.)
*Facilities … GLAMPING FIELD TSUGAIKE, LANTERN CAMPING FIELD TSUGAIKE, Hakuba Tsugaike WOW!, Tsugaike Ropeway, Dog Run, Tsugaike Golf Center
*Tsugaike Nature Park & WOW! will be reported 1-2 times a week.
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reported by Snownavi

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