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2023.10.19Garve Pleasure Boat / Sunny

Cross the large Kanpadani Suspension Bridge, and there you will find the pier that marks the start of the ride on the Garve (pictured). The Garve is Japan’s highest altitude sightseeing boat that operates at 1,448 meters above sea level (*when the dam is full). It had been out of service since 9/6 (Wed.) due to the low water level of Kurobe Lake, but was able to resume operation on 10/16 (Mon.).
[Kurobe Dam]

Nearby, the Lakeside Trail, is a great place for stroll, as the one-hour round trip walk from the Kampadani Bridge to Lodge Kuroyon has very few ups and downs. I set out on the walk, and within 10 minutes of the start, I was stopped in my tracks by the golden fall scenery (pictured). This area has many deciduous trees such as beech and Erman’s birch, and is a must-visit spot during the spring green and autumn leaves seasons.
[Kurobe Dam]

I returned to the boading point for the Garve at the end of my walk along the lakeside promenade, and set out on a 30-minute round trip cruise around Kurobe Lake. The front of the boat has enclosed seating with large picture windows, while the rear is an open deck where visitors can enjoy the view while standing. Turning toward the east side of Kurobe Lake (first photo, Nagano Prefecture side), we were greeted with views of steep slopes and splashes of color between the dominating evergreens. As we came around to the west side (pictured, Toyama Prefecture side), we found an area densely packed with broad-leaf trees exploding into vivid shades of autumn color.
[Kurobe Dam]

The thing that stuck with me the most was the juxtaposition of the white, snow-capped Tateyama mountain range, the yellow autumn leaves stretching from Tambodaira to the shore of Lake Kurobe, and the deep emerald green of the lake’s surface. Taking it all in with the pleasant fall breeze, from a boat traveling across the surface of the lake, somehow made it even more special. In other news, the seasonal water discharges from the dam ended for the year on 10/15 (Sun.).
[Kurobe Dam]

[Kurobe Dam]
*Location … Omachi, Nagano Prefecture & Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture
*Operating Period … April 15, 2023 – November 30, 2023
*Fare … Round trip by electric bus (Ogisawa – Kurobe Dam): JPY3,200 for adults, JPY1,600 for elementary school students
*Parking … Ogisawa Station: JPY1,000/day for passenger cars (free parking is also available)

[Kurobe Lake Cruise Ship Garve]
*Operating Period … June 1, 2023 – November 10, 2023
*Fare … JPY3,200 for adults, JPY1,600 for elementary school students

[Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route]
*Location … Omachi, Nagano Prefecture & Tateyama Town, Toyama Prefecture
*Opening period … April 15, 2023 – November 30, 2023
*Ougisawa Station Parking lot … JPY1,000/day for passenger cars (*Free parking is also available)
*Required time … Approximately 1 hour from Hakuba Village to Ogisawa Station by car.
*Transportation from Ogisawa to Murodo … JPY12,300 round trip for adults, JPY6,150 for children
reported by Snownavi

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