2023.03.21Sunny & Cloudy

The cloud in the east sky was spreading out to the west. A man who has the season pass of Ontake from Shizuoka Prefecture gave me the greeting, “I always enjoy your reports! I went to Hakuba last Saturday, Nomugi-toge last Sunday and came to Ontake yesterday.” My skis ran well on the hard groomed slopes of Central, Mikasa Wing, Expert and Panorama A.
[Central Course]

Today was a national holiday and also “Ontake Day”, so there was a long line in front of Karamatsu Pair this morning. A skier from Osaka who I met in Mikasa Wing Course (Photo) said, “I always enjoy your reports! I came for Ontake Day today. Ontake is located in the highlands and still has a lot of snow, so I usually come here in the Spring season.”
[Mikasa Wing Course]

There are 3 bump lanes on the skier’s right in Expert Course (Photo) and 2 lanes in the beginning part of Central Course. The slopes became slushy at around 10:00 a.m, so we could try them easily. By the way, the spring season operation will start tomorrow on 3/22 (Wed). The 1 day ticket prices will be JPY4,000 for an adult, JPY2,000 for a child from 6 to 15 years old, JPY3,500 for an adult over 50 years old (Karamatsu and No.5 Quad will be open at 7:30 a.m.).
[Expert Course]

At Lodge Mikasa, “Lala Curry Ontake” is open on weekends and holidays. The restaurant was crowded with people at 11:00 a.m. to have the spicy Sri Lankan curry. The most popular menu is “Devil Chicken Curry” (JPY1,200) and today, I had the limited menu made with whitebait and sea lettuce, “Devil Shirasu Aosa Curry” (Photo, Available only 3/18 – 3/21, JPY1,600). We can also enjoy the same curry at Restaurant Orion on weekdays.
[Lala Curry Ontake, Lodge Mikasa]

[Ontake Availability Information on 3/21 (Tue)]
*All courses are available! (Except for Champion G)
*Available Lifts … Karamatsu Pair (8:30-), No.5 Quad, No.7 Quad
*Lift Fees … Ontake Day Adult JPY2,800, 6-15 y/o JPY1,600, Over 50 y/o JPY2,300 (From 3/22 Spring Discount Adult JPY4,000, 6-15 y/o JPY2,000, Over 50 y/o JPY3,500) *Preschooler Free

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