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2024.04.01243cm / Snow Flurries

As of today, 4/1 (Mon.), only the following 6 lifts will be in operation at Tsugaike: the gondola, ropeway, Tsuga No. 2 Pair, & Han-no-ki High-Speed Pair will run until 5/6, while the Han-no-ki No. 3 Quad and Tsugaike Chuo Triple will operate until 4/7. However, there is still plenty of snow remaining, and the Tsuga-no-mori, Han-no-ki, Gotemba (pictured), Rinkan, Shirakaba, Karamatsu, and Oya-no-hara slopes are all still open. I ran into a couple from Osaka (pictured), who told me, “We love your site! We’ve been staying and skiing in Hakuba all winter, and will be here until Golden Week.”

The drizzle that was falling at the base area turned to snow during the gondola ride, and I exited the summit station to find damp coming down lightly at the top of the resort. I bumped into the owner of steak restaurant Niku Masa (pictured), who told me he was a fan of Snownavi and added, “I got on the gondola from the mid-station and was the first one to reach Tsuga-no-mori.” Both the Tsuga-no-mori and Gotemba courses were groomed with reasonably firm and easy-to-ski granular snow surfaces.
[Tsuga-no-mori Slope]

Han-no-ki (pictured), with its moderately loose, groomed granular base, was easy to ski from the from the top down below the mid section, but my skis had a hard time sliding on the gentle slopes at the end of the course. Although the snow was slightly dirty in the ungroomed areas because of Asian Dust, the steep slope in the middle of the run (pictured), where you might expect the snow cover would start to thin, still had a good amount of snow and was no problem to ski.
[Han-no-ki Slope]

Even on the Oya-no-hara Slope (pictured), which had a slushy, groomed granular snow surface, there were no bushes or areas of thin snow cover down to the gondola base station. I crossed paths with a group that included a ski instructor (pictured, second from left) who told me she was a fan of Snownavi. Afterwards, the father living in Tokyo remarked, “Tsugaike is a great ski area for the kids who are just learning to ski. I’m aware of Snownavi and use your site as well.”
[Oya-no-hara Slope]

[Tsugaike Kogen Details on 4/1 (Mon.)]
*Almost All Areas Available (= Except for Champion, Maruyama, Bell Ringing Hill, Horse Back, Forest Intermediate)
*Available Lifts … Gondola (8:00 a.m.-) and totally 5 lifts
*Fees … 3/18- Spring Discount Adult 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY4,700, Elementary School Students JPY2,900
*Printable Rental Discount Coupons!
Carving Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY3,000 / Outerwear JPY2,500!
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Kid’s Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY2,500 / Outerwear JPY1,500!

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TOP: 243cm (+0cm) +5.0℃
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