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2022.12.2950cm / Snowy

In time for the end-of-the-year holiday period, all courses at Jiigatake Ski Resort are currently open for skiing, with the exception of the Kamoshika and Rinkan areas. Visitors were quick to turn up to this resort this morning, and the first parking lot was already full at around 8:30. I spoke with a pair of siblings (pictured) from Nagano Prefecture’s Azumino City, who told me, “We always ski at Jiigatake. Today we’re here skiing with our father.”

Fine, dry snow was lightly falling on the Echo Slope (pictured), where the groomed packed-powder surface was covered with about 1 cm of fresh snow, and thanks in part to new, state-of-the-art artificial snowfall machines, there were no area of exposed bushes or brush to be seen on the vast and wide slope. The Rabbit and Raicho courses were also easy to ski, with roughly 2 cm of fresh snow topping the moderately firm, groomed powder snow surfaces.

Just like the courses open across the resort, the Kids Park (pictured) was in great condition. I spoke with a customer from Shiojiri City who told me, “Our grandchildren (pictured) are visiting us from Kanagawa Prefecture during the holiday period, so we brought them out here to play.” Both sleds (¥500 per day) and snow racers (¥1,000 for 2 hours) are available for rent from the Kids Park.
[Kids Park]

In other news, Jiigatake currently runs a daily ‘Snowmobile Forest Tour’ (pictured). The tour is around 60 minutes in duration, and costs JPY11,000 for single riders, JPY14,000 for a tandem parent and child, or JPY16,000 yen for tandem adults, with the price including safety training. (Pictured here is a group of single riders following behind their instructor.)
[Kamoshika Course]

[Jiigatake Opening Information for 12/29(Thu.)]
*Almost all course are Open (*Except Kamoshika C, Rinkan C)
*Available Lifts … No.1 Pair (8:30 a.m.–), totally 3 lifts
Fees … Adult JPY4,300, 3-15 y/o JPY2,500, Over 60 y/o JPY3,200 (Until 2/27)
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