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2023.01.2175cm / Mixed Snow & Sun

Today marked the start of the first weekend since the opening of the IWATAKE SNOW PARK (pictured) on 1/20 (Fri.). The number of skiers and snowboarders entering the park, which is located on the skier’s left side of the bottom half of the South Slope, increased noticeably after around 10:00 am.
[South Slope]

The park items currently include a 6m jump, cannon rail, rainbow rail, flat rail, down narrow box, up-down box (pictured), triple 3m jumps, a long wave, 6 individual waves, a wall, spine, PVC rail, fat rail and double box. That’s a pretty complete lineup right from the start!
[South Slope]

In the morning the slopes were cloaked in a thin fog, a cold northerly wind was blowing, and light snow was falling (pictured). There was a total of around 10 cm of fresh, dry snow around the summit area. On the South Slope (pictured) and East Slope (4th photo), there was between 1 to 2 cm of new snow on top of the hard, groomed wet snow. However, as the new snow was pressed down into the base by skiers and boarders, it started to feel like powder snow.
[South Slope]

The groomed wet snow surface of the Sunny Valley Course was hard packed up top, and a little icy at spots around the bottom. The upper portion of the old Paradise slope was left ungroomed. In other news, Hakuba’s famous “Iwatake Thanks Festival” will be held on 1/28 (Sat.)! There will be large prize drawing and free giveaways of freshly pounded mochi (rice cakes) and tonjiru (pork and vegetable miso soup).
[East Slope]

[Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field Availability Information on 1/21 (Sat.)]
*All courses are available. (*Except for SAWA C, HIKAGE, DANGAN, North, VIEW A・B・α)
*Available Lifts … Gondola (8:00-), totally 6 lifts
*Fees … Adult JPY4,800, Over 60 y/o JPY4,500, Over 70 y/o JPY4,200, 6-12 y/o JPY3,000 (Until 3/19) *A preschooler will be free per adult.
*Printable Rental Discount Coupons!
Carving Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY3,000 / Outerwear JPY2,500!
Carving Ski・Snowboard High Performance Model Rental JPY500 OFF!
Kid’s Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY2,500 / Outerwear JPY1,500!

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TOP: 75cm (+10cm) -8.0℃
BTM: 25cm (+7cm) -4.0℃

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