Kashimayari REPORT

2023.01.03100cm / Cloudy & Sunny

In Kashimayari Ski Area Family Park, Pokemon Snow Adventure is expanded on the side of Course 1-A, so Play Land Area and Snow Mountain Debut Area are wider than last year. Furthermore, Snow Escalator newly has a doom (Photo), so the accessibility between those 2 areas is improved greatly.
[Pokemon Snow Adventure]

I heard shouts of joy and saw a lot of smiles in Snow Tubing Area (Photo) which has a length of 150 meters and 6 lanes. In Snow Mountain Debut Area, a mother who came from Omachi City with her child for snowboarding said, “We come to this close ski area often. I hope he will get better at snowboarding and be able to take the lifts.”
[Pokemon Snow Adventure]

This winter, more and more attractions are open. Now, Kids Snowmobile (Photo), Snow Mobile Workshop, Human Balling, Polar Carousel, Animal Area (Alpaca) and Laser Maze are available. You can play with them by 1-2 tickets of “Shimashika Ticket” (Set of 4 Tickets JPY1,000).
[Activity Park]

Totally, 9 courses of 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, Kashimayari Rindo, Kurosawa, Maruyama, Maruyama Bypass A, Ippon-buna Downhill and Nakatsuna Super Rindo are open. These slopes were groomed well and nicely firm today. A father from Omachi City (Photo) gave me the greeting, “I always enjoy your reports! My second son requested to snowboard, so we come all together with families. This is just the first ride of him as the debut for snowboarding!”
[Course C]

[Kashimayari Availability Information on 1/3 (Tue)]
*Available Lifts … No.1 Quad (9:00 -) and totally 4 lifts.
[Fees] 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY4,000, High Schooler & College Students JPY3,000, 4-13 y/o JPY2,000 (Until 3/21)
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