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2023.03.0580cm / Sunny & Cloudy

On 3/5 (Sun), “Time Fight”, an amature snowboard competition, was held in Training Bahn. It was an ideal day for the race with the warm sunlight and no winds. We could see Mt. Norikura (3,026m, Right on Photo), Mt. Hotaka (3,190m), Mt. Yarigatake (3,180m) and Mt. Ontake (3,067m) in the hazy sky.
[Training Bahn]

4 people from Aichi Prefecture (Photo) who gave me the greeting of “We always enjoy your reports!” and the second man from the left said, “I will beat “the boss of Nomugi-toge” today!” The boss answered, “What are you talking about, “the first champion of Tokai OPEN”? You will make it easily.” By the way, Tokai OPEN is a soft-boot carving race held for the first time this winter.
[Training Bahn]

The groomed slopes of Panorama Area, Tatemizu-no-saka, Family Area, Bambi Area and Training Bahn were nicely firm and in fine corn snow condition. The nicely firm groomed slopes of Expert Course, Rabbit Course and Expert Course 2 (Photo) were in good condition.
[Champion Course 2]

A couple from Aichi Prefecture who gave me the greeting, “Hi, Snownavi! We always enjoy your reports!” from the lift also said, “We go to Hakuba sometimes, but our main ski area is Nomugi-toge. Today, the weather, snow and view are so amazing!” Every course was crowded with people from the early morning today.
[Champion Course]

[Nomugi Toge Availability Information on 3/5 (Sun.)]
*All courses are available!
*Available Lifts … Skyliner (8:30-) and totally 4 lifts
*Lift Fees … 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY4,000, Over 60 y/o & Students JPY3,500, 6-15 y/o JPY2,000 ※Preschooler Free
*A Great Deal! Advance Discount Lift Tickets
Adult weekday 1 day pass JPY3,000 → JPY2,800!
Adult Holiday 1 Day Pass JPY4,000 → JPY3,500!
Children’s Holiday 1 Day Pass JPY2,000 → JPY1,500!
Student Holiday 1 Day Ticket JPY3,500 → JPY3,000!
Senior Holiday 1 Day Pass JPY3,500 → JPY3,000!
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reported by Snownavi

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