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2024.06.05Tsugaike Nature Park / Partly Cloudy

The Tsugaike Nature Park’s mizubasho (Asian skunk cabbage) are blooming in abundance, just in time for the weekend. As of today, 6/5 (Wed.), the Mizubasho Marsh area is bustling with visitors, and the flowers themselves are around 70% of the expected peak (pictured). Mr. Inomata of the Visitor Center told me, “The heavy rain on 6/2 (Sun.) drastically melted much of the remaining snow, and as a result the flowers are blooming at the same time this year.”
[Tsugaike Nature Park・Mizubasho Marsh]

I also spoke with a couple from Osaka (the two people in white and black shirts in the center of the picture), who commented, “We recently moved Karuizawa, and since we’re closer to this area, we decided to visit Tsugaike for the first time. The mizubasho are really beautiful, and we were surprised to see that there is still a lot of snow on the ground.” In areas where there is still snow on the path, such as between the areas between the marshes, the route was marked with poles and pink ribbons to guide the way.
[Tsugaike Nature Park・Mizubasho Marsh]

The three major Hakuba peaks had been visible until around 9:00 a.m., but were later hidden by fog. However, the fog brought cooler temperatures that made it even more comfortable to walk around the park. It was fun to browse the fields of flowers in search of the perfect ones to photograph. There were also many yellow ryukinka (marsh marigold) flowering, and new stalks of kobai ikeso (veratrum stamineum) that will begin flowering later on.
[Tsugaike Nature Park・Mizubasho Marsh]

About 70% of the route from the Kusu River (pictured) to the Ukishima Marsh was still covered with snow, and I noticed some people were wearing chain spikes or light crampons. Incidentally, the toilet usually located just beyond the Kusu River has not yet been installed, so currently the last usable restroom is located in the building next to the Visitor Center.
[Tsugaike Nature Park・Kusu River]
*Parking: The No. 2 Parking Lot and Champion Parking Lot (total capacity for 300 cars) are free to use, while the Central Parking Lot closest to the gondola base station also has space for 300 cars and is ¥500 per day. (Overnight parking is allowed in the No. 2 Parking Lot, while the Kane-no-naru-oka No. 1 Parking Lot is closed during the summer.)

[Tsugaike Nature Park 2024 Opening Information]
*Period … 2024/6/1 (Sat.) – 10/27 (Sun.), 11/2 (Sat.) – 11/4 (Mon.)
*Hours … Tsugaike Ropeway (8 am –) *Early morning operation starts from 7/13
*Fees … Tsugaike Ropeway Roundtrip + Entrance Fee / Adults JPY3,700, Elementary School Students JPY2,100, Preschoolers Free → Advance Discount Tickets: Adults JPY3,300, Children JPY1,850! (No need to exchange at the ticket window! You can proceed straight to the gondola.)
(*One preschooler free with each paid adult. The second preschooler will be charged at the normal children’s rate.)

[Hakuba Tsugaike WOW! Opening Information]
*Period … 2024/6/18 (Sat) – 10/27 (Sun) *Closed on weekdays from 6/10 – 7/12 and 9/2 – 10/25.
Opening hours … 10 am – 4 pm (last admission at 3 pm)
Charges … Tobidas (1 time) JPY1,000 Fumidas (1 time) JPY800 Kabedas (1 time) JPY500 Amidas (60 min) JPY1,600 for adults, JPY1,000 for primary schools students Kogidas (1 time) JPY2,000 Pochadas (90 min) JPY2,800 for adults, JPY2,500 for primary schools students Tent sauna ( (90 min) JPY1,200 Baggy Cruise (1 time) Adults JPY2,000, 4 years to primary schools students JPY1,500 Trampolines (5 min) JPY500

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