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The nikkokisuge day lilly season has arrived in Shiga Kogen. The areas around Hasuike and Maruike ski resorts (pictured) are at their best this time of year, and as we approach mid-July, the orange wave will slowly creep higher towards the upper portions of the Higashidateyama and Terakoya ski resorts (around 2,000m of elevation). On this day, 7/5 (Fri.), a high-pressure system strengthened over the Pacific Ocean, creating a temporary break in the rainy season.
[Shiga Kogen・Nature Exploration Course]

There were many people stopping their cars in the small parking spaces scattered along Route 292 and eagerly taking pictures of nikkokisuge day lillies. The contrast between the clear blue alpine sky, the bright orange of the nikkokisuge flowers, and the green of the trees was amazing, and I heard people exclaiming how beautiful the scene was. Topping it all off, there was a light, but constant and refreshing breeze.
[Shiga Kogen・Nature Exploration Course]

One popular way to enjoy the nikkokisuge is by driving through the area, but another is by walking the “Nature Exploration Course.” (*Total length 4.1km, elevation difference 160m, time required 2 hours). The course starts at Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki and passes through the Hasuike Ski Resort and Tanohara Marsh, before ending in front of the Kidoike Onsen Hotel. This quiet course passes close to National Route 292 and allows you to enjoy a wide variety of alpine plants at a leisurely pace.
[Shiga Kogen・Nature Exploration Course]

I found a large cluster of flowers around the summit station of the Hasuike Triple Lift (pictured). Since day lillies are “one-day flowers” that bloom in the morning and shut in the evening, morning is the best time to enjoy these beautiful flowers. In addition, in the area by the Hasuike pond near the Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki, there were kishobu (yellow irises) and lotus flowers on the surface of the water.
[Shiga Kogen・Nature Exploration Course]

[Shiga Kogen Opening Information]
* Period … Yokoteyama Skylator and Sky Lift 4/24 – late October (*Open 5/20 – 5/31, scheduled), Shibu-toge 1st Romance Lift 5/20 – 5/31 and 6/29 – late October (scheduled), Shiga Kogen Golden Line 6/15 – 11/4 (scheduled), Maeyama Summer Lift 6/15 – 10/27 (Sat, Sun, holidays and reserved days), Kumanoyu 3rd Quad Lift 7/13, 14, 20, 27 and 8/3, 10, 11, 17, Takamagahara Summer Lift 8/10 – 8/18.
* Summer Lift Fees … Shiga Kogen Golden Line round trip 1-day pass / Adults JPY3,000, Child JPY1,800, Takamagahara Summer Lift round trip / Adults JPY1,200, Child JPY800, Maeyama Summer Lift one way / Adults JPY500, Child JPY300, Kumanoyu 3rd quad lift round trip / Adults 1,400 JPY, child 1,000 JPY, Yokoteyama Sky Lift and Sky Lift round trip / adult 2,000 JPY, child 1,700 JPY, Shibutoge Romance Lift round trip / adult 2,000 JPY, child 1,700 JPY.

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