2022.10.21Happo-One / Sunny

Today marked the third straight day of fine autumn weather. The temperature was warmer this morning than yesterday, and I removed my outer layer before setting out from the Happo-ike Sanso. I reached the forested area known as Shita no Kanba on my way to the Maruyama Cairn after passing the Happo-ike pond, and there the white, leafless tree trunks of the Dakekanba (Erman’s birch) stood out beautifully against the backdrop of the blue sky.
[Mountaineering Route to Mt. Karamatsu・Shita no Kanba ~ Kami no Kanba]

I spotted thin patches of snow from the snowfall on 10/18 (Tue.) still lingering in the shaded areas of Shita no Kanba. Some snow even remained on the sides of the trail through the rocky section (pictured)  just before the Maruyama Cairn. The green of the creeping pine along with the white snow and red berries of Iwatsutsuji and Nanakamado provided a nice accent to the scenery.
[Mountaineering Route to Mt. Karamatsu・Ougi no Setsuden ~ Maruyama Cairn]

I spoke with a man from Tokyo (pictured, right) who told me, “I enjoy checking out your reports during both the green and winter seasons! The weather was good today so I came out with my mom who lives in Matsumoto. We’re aiming for the summit of Mt. Karamatsu, but we’ll see how mom feels and go only as far as we can.” I noticed a number of people taking photos with the Maruyama Cairn and the 3 major Hakuba peaks in the background.
[Mountaineering Route to Mt. Karamatsu・Maruyama Cairn]

The wave of fall colors is spreading further down the mountain each day, and currently the peak seems to have reached the area around the Kita-one Kogen (1,200m of elevation). The Happo Alpen Line is open for the summer season until 11/6 (Sun.), but this is the final trekking report for this year. Thank you very much for reading the summer trekking reports. Next, we’ll be back with our winter resort reports!
[Panorama Course]

[Happo-One Nature Trail Opening Information]
*Business Period … Daily from 6/18 (Sat.) 〜 11/6/2022 (Sun.)
*Business Hours …Happo Alpen Line 8:00〜.
*Fees … Round trip use of the Happo Alpen Line / Adults ¥3,200, Children ¥1,800 → Advance Discount Tickets Adults ¥2,800, Children ¥1,700! (Advance Discount Tickets are usable as-is! Proceed directly to the gondola for immediate boarding.)

[Kitaone Kogen Opening Information]
*Business is currently suspended for the 2022 summer season.

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