Sugadaira REPORT

2023.03.1560cm / Sunny

An ideal day for skiing and snowboarding with the blue sky and no winds! 5 people from Tokyo (Photo) said, “We get interested in your ski area reports. We will check it! We come to Sugadaira often. Today, the weather is so fine!”
[Omote Davos West Course]

The officially-announced snow amount reduced to “60cm” because of the warm weather in these days. However, bushes and ground were not exposed even in the slopes of Omote Davos East (Photo) and West (1st Photo) where it seemed to have the least snow in the ski area. I could enjoy comfortable riding on these nicely firm corn snow slopes!
[Omote Davos East Course]

At 9:30 a.m, the groomed slopes in Ura Davos Area and Omote Davos Panorama Course were a little slushy and in good corn snow condition. By the way, Schneider Lift is closed until 3/16 (Thu) and Panorama, Panorama Beginner, Hannes A-C and Beginner East are closed now.
[Ura Davos Skyline]

The slopes in Ura Taro melted much and in wet corn snow condition at 10:00 a.m. Ms. Aramaki Yoko, the representative of Smile Snowboard School (Photo), said “The application for The 11th Smile Cup held on 3/18 (Sat) and 3/19 (Sun) will be finished at 23:59 today. There will be a test-riding event of the next winter’s models, so please come and join us!”
[Ura Taro Kamoshika Course]

[Sugadaira Kogen Availability Information on 3/15 (Wed.)]
*All areas are available. (Except for Mt. Neko Downhill, Oku Davos No.1 Intermediate, Schneider Panorama, Schneider Panorama Beginner, Schneider Hannes A-C, Schneider Beginner East, Urataro Challenge, Mt. Omatsu Pole Bahn, Omatsu Smile Park, Tsubakuro No.7)
*Available Courses … Beat Lift (8:30-) and totally 15 lifts.
*Lift Fees … Ueda Sugadaira Campaign 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY5,400, 13-18 & 60-69 y/o JPY4,300, Over 70 y/o JPY3,800, 6-12 y/o JPY3,100, Preschooler over 4 y/o JPY1,100, Under 3 y/o Free (From 3/20 Spring Discount Adult JPY4,800, 6-12 y/o JPY2,800, 13-18 & 60-69 y/o JPY3,900, Over 70 y/o JPY3,200, Preschooler over 4 y/o JPY1,100, Under 3 y/o Free)

*A Great Deal! Advance Discount Lift Tickets
Davos and Taro Areas (*On Sale Until 3/19/2023)
Paper Ticket → Adult 1-Day Ticket JPY5,900 → JPY4,800!
Digital Ticket → Adult 1-Day Ticket JPY5,400 → JPY4,300!
Pine Beak Area (*On Sale Until 3/26/2023)
Paper Ticket → 1 Adult 1-Day Ticket + 1 Elementary School Student 1-Day Ticket = JPY8,100 → JPY6,500, and more
Electronic Ticket → 1 Adult 1-Day Ticket + 1 Elementary School Student 1-Day Ticket = JPY8,100 → JPY6,500, and more

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