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2023.03.1660cm / Partly Cloudy

This year, very little snow has fallen throughout Japan during the month of March. At Sugadaira, the amount of snow remaining on the slopes varies greatly depending on whether artificial snow has been used or not, and the direction which the slope faces. On the Hinode Slope, which faces south and uses artificial snowfall, there is solid snow coverage across the entire width of the course. (*The only areas of thin snow were on the steep slope in the early part of the course.) The only night skiing in Sugadaira, on the Hinode Slope, will end on 3/18 (Sat.).
[Hinode Slope]

On the Taro Course (pictured), which faces southwest, about half of the run lacked snow cover, but the part that had been fortified with artificial snow was safe to ski. I overheard some families and groups who were on the course talking about how empty the slope was and how happy they were to have it to themselves.
[Taro Long Course]

Not much artificial snowfall was used on the south-facing Tengu Slope, and as a result the skiable area was extremely narrow due to significant snowmelt. (*The area of groomed snow was about 10 meters wide.) The north and northeast-facing slopes were still generally well covered; chiefly the Omatsu (pictured) and Tsubakuro Courses where artificial snow has been used.
[Distant view of the Omatsu Slope]

While I was shooting on the Schwarz course, Yoshi came skiing down the slope, but it turned out that the man wearing red and snowboarding behind him was not Mario. Yoshi told me, “This is my first visit to Sugadaira Kogen. This is a nice resort with a lot of fun runs.” There was still plenty of snow on the west-facing Schwarz and Shirogane Rinkan courses, where the outermost layer of the well-packed, groomed granular snow surfaces was starting to loosen up.
[Schwarz Course]
*Schneider Lift, which is closed from 3/13 (Mon.) to 3/16 (Thu.), will reopen from 3/17 (Fri.)!

[Sugadaira Kogen Availability Information on 3/16 (Thu.)]
*All areas are available. (Except for Mt. Neko Downhill, Oku Davos No.1 Intermediate, Schneider Panorama, Schneider Panorama Beginner, Schneider Hannes A-C, Schneider Beginner East, Urataro Challenge, Mt. Omatsu Pole Bahn, Omatsu Smile Park, Tsubakuro No.7)
*Available Courses … Beat Lift (8:30-) and totally 15 lifts.
*Lift Fees … Ueda Sugadaira Campaign 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY5,400, 13-18 & 60-69 y/o JPY4,300, Over 70 y/o JPY3,800, 6-12 y/o JPY3,100, Preschooler over 4 y/o JPY1,100, Under 3 y/o Free (From 3/20 Spring Discount Adult JPY4,800, 6-12 y/o JPY2,800, 13-18 & 60-69 y/o JPY3,900, Over 70 y/o JPY3,200, Preschooler over 4 y/o JPY1,100, Under 3 y/o Free)

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Davos and Taro Areas (*On Sale Until 3/19/2023)
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