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2024.02.10250cm / Sunny

The Toomi Slope was bathed in a beautiful morning glow just before the opening of sunrise skiing. It was then that I ran into a pair of visitors from Yamanashi and Nagano (pictured), who told me, “We love your site! We decided to come out for sunrise skiing because we knew the three-day weekend would be crowded, and we wanted to board the slopes while they are in good condition.” I ran into them again later at the Goryu Telecabin base station, and they raved about how good the conditions were, calling them “divine!”
[Toomi Slope]

The Toomi Slope (pictured) had excellent, moderately-packed groomed powder snow conditions! The skiers’ left side of the course was covered with fresh dry snow from the artificial snow machine that had been running until just before the slope opened. Over in the GORYU WAVES area, I saw advanced skiers impressively surfing the banks and spines.
[Toomi Slope]

After the start of normal business hours, I first headed to the Panorama Course (pictured). The flatly-finished surface was composed of moderately firm, groomed powder snow that was perfect for comfortable skiing, and the clear skies combined with the wonderful scenery around me only added to my excitement. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because I could hear others shouting about how good the conditions felt!
[Panorama Course]

The Grand Prix Course was groomed with well-packed powder snow, and the surface grew more and more tracked out after about an hour or so thanks to the three-day weekend crowds. The upper portion of Route 8 had similar snow conditions to the Panorama Course, and a large snow sculpture of the Sphinx had could be seen at the LINE-E boarding area.
[Panorama Course]

[Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba47 Availability Information on 2/10 (Sat.)]
*All Courses are available (*Except for Adventure)
*Available Lifts … Tele-cabin (8:15-), Line-8(8:00~) and totally 15 lifts.
*Fees … 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY7,500, 13-17 y/o JPY5,400, 6-12 y/o JPY3,800, 60-79 y/o JPY6,700, Under 6 y/o & Over 80 y/o Free *JPY500 deposit will be required.
*Night Skiing … Until Mar. 24, 6pm – 9:30 pm at Toomi Adult JPY4,500 → JPY4,300, Child JPY2,000 → JPY1,800
*Early Morning Skiing … Weekend & Holiday of Jan. 13 (Sat.) – Mar. 24 (Sun.), 7 a.m.- at Toomi, Available with 1Day pass

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Toomi Night Skiing Discount Coupon Adult JPY4,500 → JPY4,300, Child JPY2,000 → JPY1,800

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