2024.01.29270cm / Sunny

Shiga Kogen is in top form. The latest totals are between 160 to 180 cm at the higher elevations areas of Shibu-Toge, Yokoteyama, Kumanoyu, Yakebitaiyama, and Okushiga Kogen, and 80 to 100 cm at the lower elevation ares of Sunvalley, Maruike, Giant, and Nishitateyama, with the exception of Maruike A course. Today I spoke with a skier from Nara Prefecture who joined me on the Higashidateyama gondola (pictured), and was told, “I have been buying season tickets to Shiga Kogen for many years now because I am attractded by the quality of the snow and the numerous courses.”
[Higashidateyama・Olympic Course]

The Olympic Course (first photo), an ungroomed steep slope starting from the summit of Higashidateyama (2,000 meters above sea level), had manageable conditions with a moderately firm powder snow base. Giant Course (pictured) is similarly steep, but groomed. Today the first part of the course had a groomed powder snow surface, while the middle to last part featured wet snow with a “powdery” feel.
[Giant・Giant Slope]

I was likewise able to repeat turns comfortably on the moderately firm, groomed “powdery” wet snow surface of the Nishidateyama World Cup Course (pictured). If you mainly ski steep slopes, it might be a good idea to park your car at the Giant parking lot, which accommodates about 350 cars, and enjoy skiing Giant, Nishidateyama, Higashidateyama, and Bunadaira.
[Nishidateyama・World Cup Course]

The wide Bunadaira Slope (pictured), which was crowded with students on school excursions, was also groomed with moderately firm wet snow surface that offered similar conditions as powder. In other news, a test-ride event of FISCHER’s freeride model RANGER will be held at Okushiga Kogen on 2/3 (Sat.) and 2/4 (Sun.).
[Hoppo Bunadai・Bunadaira slope]
*The snow depth listed at the top of the report is the highest reported throughout the Shiga Kogen area. Currently, that amount of 270 cm is at Takamagahara, and includes both natural and artificial snow.

[Availability Information on 1/29 (Mon.)]
*All Courses are available (Except for 6 courses)
*Available Lifts … Giant Pair (8:30 a.m.-) and totally 39 lifts
*Fees … 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY7,500, Middle & High school students, over 60 y/o JPY6,400, Under 12 y/o JPY3,700

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