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2023.10.06Hakuba Iwatake / Rain Clouds

The Hakuba Giant Swing, one of the largest swings in all of Japan, opened next to CHAVATY HAKUBA at 12:00 p.m. today, 10/6 (Fri.)! Prior to the public opening, a sneak preview was opened to the press (pictured) at 10:00 a.m., and local TV stations and newspapers were there to cover the event.
[Hakuba Iwatake・Hakuba Hitotoki-no-Mori]

The new Hakuba Giant Swing is roughly 10 meters high, about three times the height of the Yoo-Hoo! Swing, and is the first “wind up” swing in Japan. After boarding the swing and securing yourself with the safety belt, a winch on top of the small hill behind you pulls the swing up and back. The hook holding the swing releases at the conclusion of the countdown, sending you forward a maximum of 6 meters through the air towards the spectacular view in front of you.
[Hakuba Iwatake・Hakuba Giant Swing]

The Heidi theme song plays in the background as customers board the swing, and your time is up when the music draws to a close, just like when riding the Yoo-Hoo! Swing. I observed a few people screaming with delight (or terror) immediately after the swing was released. (*JPY1,000 per ride, minimum height of 110 cm, maximum weight of 100 kg) Tickets for today’s 12 to 1 p.m. session were sold out already during the morning.
[Hakuba Iwatake・Hakuba Giant Swing]

THE CITY BAKERY celebrated the 5th anniversary of HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR by giving away miniature hot chocolates and marshmallows (pictured) to the first 500 customers today. The hot chocolate was a welcome treat as a winter pressure pattern moved into the area, dropping temperatures and bringing the first snow of the season to the Northern Alps yesterday, and today along the Happo-One Nature Trail, the Tsugaike Nature Park, and other high-elevation areas. In other news, a new wooden rest deck has opened next to the entrance/exit.

[Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort Information]
* Season … Apr. 28 (Fri)-Nov.12 (Sun), 2023
* Hours … 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
* Price … Entrance Fee (Gondola fee included) / Adult: JPY2,400, Child: JPY1,300, Pet: JPY700
*MTB PARK Fee … 1 Day Pass Adult: JPY4,800, Child: JPY3,500, Village Cross Country Course, Dual Pump Track?& Mini Cross-course 1 Day Pass Adult: JPY1,200, Child: JPY800
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