Sugadaira REPORT

2024.02.10110cm / Sunny

The first day of the three-day weekend was a windless, perfect day for skiing and snowboarding. The Oku Davos 1st Advanced Course and Oku Davos 1st Beginner Course (pictured) had groomed, well-packed powder snow surfaces. I enjoyed taking turns on the wide runs with views of Shinetsu Five Peaks and the Northern Alps.
[Oku Davos 1st Beginner Course]

At Oku Davos’ Chibikko Park, sleds, tubes, and other play items are available to use for free (pictured, free admission). I spoke with a father from Nagano city, who told me, “We come here every year, but this is our first time this season. We brought our own sled from home.” Kids could be seen having fun in all sorts of ways, including climbing and sliding on the snow piles in the park.
[Chibikko Park]

The Oku Davos Family Course had a firmly-packed, groomed powder snow base with many visitors skiing along the Oku Davos No. 2 Triple, while the wide slope on the other side of the trees was nearly empty. Ura Davos Heart-no-mori and Ura Davos Wave were also in good condition, with similarly firm, groomed powder snow.
[Oku Davos 1st Beginner Course]

There is a SKYTECH Ski & Snowboard Simulator located in the Hinode Lodge’s Hinode Smile Gym. The machine can simulate various factors such as speed and snow quality, and measure the maximum and average angle of inward inclination, the pressure on your dowhill leg, and the number of turns using the onboard sensors. (JPY9,900 for the first 60 minutes, including the annual registration fee of JPY1,100; JPY5,500 for 30 minutes thereafter; Reservations Required).
[Hinode Lodge]

[Operation Details on 2/10 (Sat.)]
*All Courses are OPEN (Except for 15 Courses)
*Available Lifts … Oku Davos No.1 Triple (8:30-), and totally 17 lifts.
*Lift Fees … During the Ueda Sugadaira campaign Adult JPY4,400, 60-69 y/o JPY3,800, junior high school student & Over 70 y/o JPY2,800, 4-Unschooled JPY100, Under 3 y/o Free (Until 2/15, Ends as soon as the budget runs out)

*Great Value! Early Bird Lift Tickets
Davos & Taro Area (*On Sale Until 2024/3/17)
Paper Ticket → Adult 1 Day Ticket JPY5,400 → JPY4,300!
E-Ticket →Adult 1 Day Ticket JPY5,400 → JPY4,300!
(*Paper tickets are JPY4,800 for an adult one-day pass, including JPY500 deposit at the time of purchase. The deposit will be returned when the IC card is returned.)

Pine Beak Area
Paper Ticket → Adult 1 Day Ticket + Pole Practice Ticket JPY6,300 → JPY5,600! (*On Sale Until 2024/3/18)
E-Ticket → Adult 1 Day Ticket + Pole Practice Ticket JPY6,300 → JPY5,600! Other (*On Sale Until 2024/3/30)
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