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2023.01.22196cm / Party Cloudy

This morning, I spoke with 3 snowboarders from Kanagawa Prefecture (pictured), who told me, “We love your site! This is our second day in a row skiing at Tsugaike. Yesterday we had fresh snow, and today the weather and groomed snow are great!” It was very cold in the morning due to overnight radiative cooling. Clouds blanketed the peaks of the Hakuba Sanzan, and it appeared quite windy on the ridgeline, but fortunately, there was no such wind on the slopes.
[Tsuga-no-mori Slope]

The Tsuga-no-mori Slope (1st photo), Gotemba Course (4th photo), and the area alongside the Han-no-ki High-Speed Pair Lift had excellent, moderately firm groomed powder snow conditions! The middle portion of Han-no-ki had a reasonably firm, groomed snow surface with a powdery feel, and the last part of the course (pictured) had nice and tight groomed granular snow. With each of these conditions, my edges gripped and held the snow well, and I was able to ski comfortably at speed.
[Han-no-ki Slope]

The Oya-no-hara Slope was groomed widely, and the snow from the large snowfall two nights ago was mixed into the wet snow surface to give it an overall powdery feel. I caught up with a family from Iida City in Nagano Prefecture (pictured), who commented, “The snow quality is totally different compared to the ski resorts in the Minami Shinshu area. Tsugaike has wide open slopes, excellent snow quality, and is easy to ski. The children also seem to be progressing quickly here.”
[Oya-no-hara Slope]

I was greeted by a father from Azumino City who told me he loved the Snownavi site and mentioned how good the snow quality and the skiing were today. Not to be outdone, his two sons added that they love the Snownavi site as well. With it being the weekend, the central parking lot was full as of 9:30, and there was a long line to get on the gondola at the base station.
[Gotemba Course]

[Tsugaike Kogen Opening Information for 1/22 (Sun.)]
*All courses are available!
*Available Lifts … Gondola (8:00 a.m.–), totally 13 lifts
*Fees … Adult JPY5,900, 6-12 y/o JPY3,500, Over 60 y/o JPY4,300 (Until 3/12)
*Printable Rental Discount Coupons!
Carving Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY3,000 / Outerwear JPY2,500!
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Kid’s Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY2,500 / Outerwear JPY1,500!
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