2024.06.08Happo-One / Partly Sunny

The Happo Alpine Line was closed from 6/3 (Mon.) to 6/7 (Fri.), but as of today, 6/8 (Sat.), it will be open daily for the remainder of the summer season. At around 6:30 a.m. this morning, the weather was clear and there were beautiful views of the Ushiro-Tateyama Mountain Range, but clouds began to roll in from the west around 8:00 a.m.
[Happo-One Nature Trail・Happo Cairn to No. 3 Cairn]

After passing the No. 3 Cairn, the sunshine began to fade. There was still snow on the trail to Mt. Karamatsu on the first steep climbing section after passing through the lower Shita-no-Kanba forested area and before the upper forested section (pictured). It was possible to continue on via the usual summer trail, but I turned around and took the usual spring detour route instead because the steep face covered in snow seemed a little unsafe to me.
[Trail to Mt. Karamatsu・Shita-no-Kanba to Kami-no-Kanba]

After following the ridge route with dropoffs on both sides, I came to a steep snowfield (pictured). Although I didn’t have problems post-holing, the snow that did remain was loose and soft, so light crampons were necessary. I realized that it would be easier to climb (and descend) with trekking poles.
[Trail to Mt. Karamatsu・Kami-no-Kanba to Maruyama Cairn]

Going back to earlier in the day, I had a chat with a man from Omachi City (pictured, right), who told me “I love your site! She’s (pictured, left) from Aichi, and we originally connected through social media over our passion for the mountains. We just met face-to-face for the first time a few minutes ago. Today we’re going up to Mt. Karamatsu together, but seeing all those thick clouds ahead has me worried that it could be an omen about our future relationship.”
[Happo-One Nature Trail・Shakujii Cairn]

[Happo-One Nature Trail 2024 Opening Information]
Period … 6/1 (Sat.) & 6/2 (Sun.), 6/8 (Sat.) to 11/4 (Mon.)
Hours … Happo Alpine Line (8am -) *Early morning operation starts from 7/13
Fees … Happo Alpine Line Roundtrip / Adults JPY3,300, Elementary School Students JPY2,100, Preschoolers Free → Advance Discount Tickets: Adults JPY2,950, Children JPY1,800! (No need to exchange at the ticket window! You can proceed straight to the gondola.) Kurobishi Line Roundtrip / Adults JPY2,000, Elementary School Students JPY1,300, Preschoolers Free.
(*One preschooler free with each paid adult. The second preschooler will be charged at the normal children’s rate.)
*Hakuba Happo-one will be reported 1-2times a week
*To Visitors Requesting Original Data of Our Photographs.
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