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2024.02.11210cm / Snowy

A heavier than expected snowfall last night and and this morning brought 25 to 30cm of fresh snow across the upper portion of the ski resort and 20 25 cm to the lower areas! There was 20 to 25 cm of new snow on top of the groomed, “powdery” wet snow surface of the Itadaira Course (pictured), and about 30 cm of fresh snow on top of the well-packed, small to medium sized moguls of Hiedayama Course 1. The excellent conditions were accompanied by the excited cheers of visitors throughout the resort.
[Itadaira Course]

Today was the second day of the Japan Freeride Open (JFO), with the competition for the open category taking place. I spoke with three participants (pictured) from Tokyo, Nozawa Onsen Village, and Matsumotol who told me, “We love your site! The three of us just met each other here. We’re all a little nervous because it is our first time participating in this event, but we are looking forward to having fun, competing, and staying injury free.” A number of other competitors also told me they were fans of Snownavi, and that they would give it their all.
[Ipponmatsu Course]

There were a total of 93 entries in the open category, which was taking place on Hiedayama Course 3 (pictured). The competition was scheduled to start at 9:15 a.m., but due to the heavy snow and the large number of general visitors on this middle day of the three-day weekend, it was delayed by about 40 minutes. I was able to observe the competition taking places several times as I rode the No. 2 Quad back up.
[Hiedayama Course 3]

The groomed surfaces of the Ikenota Slope (pictured) and Ipponmatsu Course were a moderately firm mix of fresh and wet snow, and there was around 3 cm of dry, new snow on top that flowed smoothly across my skis as I went. There was only a small amount of snow on the main Route 148, and the access road climbing up to the resort from the Otari Elementary School area was covered in a thin layer of slush.
[Ikenota Slope]

[Hakuba Cortina Availability Information on 2/11 (Sun.)]
*All Courses are OPEN!
*Available Lifts … No.2 Quad (8:30-) and totally 6 lifts
*Fees … Adult JPY5,200, 6-12 y/o JPY3,500, Over 60 y/o JPY4,500
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