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2024.03.31210cm / Sunny

Since it’s the last day of the season, I’d like to highlight my interactions with guests and Snownavi fans more than the condition of the slopes! Early this morning I spoke with some staff members of the No. 2 Quad (pictured), who told me, “We love Snownavi! Thank you for your reports this season. We hope you enjoy yourself without accident or injury up until the end of the season.”
[Ikenota Slope]

Later on I started a conversation with a couple from Matsumoto (pictured), who remarked, “We use the Snownavi site. We were too shy to initiate a conversation with you, so we’re glad you called out to us. This is our second time at Cortina this season.” They said they were shy, so I wonder how they feel about me posting this big picture of them. The rain that fell overnight stopped around 7:00 a.m., and blue skies had appeared by the time the resort opened for business.
[Ipponmatsu Course]

I met an instructor from the Cortina Ski School, who said, “Thank goodness for the heavy snowfall in March. The Asian Dust hasn’t affected the slopes much either, and we’re happy that people can ski the last day of the season on white slopes. We hope to see you again next season.” Although some dirt could be seen on mounds and banks, and the snow surface was a little dirty in ungroomed areas (pictured, back left), the slopes were indeed white on this last day of skiing!
[Ipponmatsu Course]

Lastly, I caught up with a family from Mie Prefecture (pictured), who told me they always use Snownavi, and added, “We’re so happy to see someone from Snownavi on the last day! There is more snow today than when we came here on New Year’s Day. Today is our last day of skiing for the season as well.” All five open courses had slushy, granular snow surfaces that my edges sank deeply into.
[Ikenota Slope]

[Hakuba Cortina Availability Information on 3/31 (Sun.)]
*Open Courses … Ikenota, Ipponmatsu, Hiedayama Forest, Mt. Hueda 1, Itadaira
*Available Lifts … No.2 Quad (8:30-), No.1 Pair, No. 4 Pair
*Lift Fees … 3/21 Spring Discount 1 Day Ticket Adult JPY3,500, 6-12 y/o JPY2,000

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