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2023.01.23235cm / Cloudy

The sun that had been shining lightly at the start of business gradually disappeared, and the skies grew increasingly overcast. The snow surface of the widely-groomed Panorama Course (pictured) was a mixture of wet snow and artificial snow but had the feel of powder. My edges held firmly to the snow, and I was able to ski at a good speed, although the conditions did vary slightly in areas with a high percentage of artificial snow.
[Panorama Course]

The first half of the groomed Riesen Grat Course (pictured) was in great condition, with a moderately firm powder snow surface. The second half was groomed to the width of about four grooming machines on the skiers’ right side and had hardpacked snow with occasional areas of exposed ground and clumps of snow scattered across the surface.
[Riesen Grat Course]

The southern route of Usagidaira was groomed with firm wet snow, and the north-facing area along the Kurobishi 2 Quad (pictured), which sits at about the same elevation, had a reasonably firm powder snow surface. The snow conditions made both courses easy to ski, but the overcast sky resulted in flat lighting.
[Kurobishi Slope]

The center portion of the Skyline Course (pictured) was groomed with wet snow that was moderately firm and had a powdery feel. On the Kitaone forest road course, the wet snow surface was firmly groomed, and the snow quality gradually transitioned to granular snow the further down I slid. In other news, a once-in-a-decade cold front is forecast to arrive tomorrow evening. Hopefully, the winds stay calm, and the snow has the chance to accumulate.
[Skyline Course]

[Happo-One Opening Information for 1/23 (Mon.)]
*All courses are available (Except for Omusubi)
*Available Lifts … Gondola (8:00 a.m.-), totally 17 lifts
*Fees … Adult JPY6,500, 6-17 y/o JPY3,200, Over 65 y/o JPY5,800

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Carving Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY3,000 / Outerwear JPY2,500!
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Kid’s Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY2,500 / Outerwear JPY1,500!

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