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2023.01.24230cm / Snow Clouds

This morning, the start of the gondola was delayed, so I decided to head up to Usagidaira via the Kokusai 1 Pair to Kokusai 3 Pair for the first time in a while. The blue sky that was visible just after the opening of the resort quickly started to cloud over, and snow began to fall by around 8:40 a.m. The Panorama Course (pictured) and the Riesen Slalom Course were in great condition for skiing, with well-packed wet snow surfaces that had a powdery feel.
[Panorama Course]

I caught up with three skiers from Hyogo and Osaka Prefectures, who called out to me saying that they love the Snownavi site. All three said they had bought season tickets and entered the Riesen Slalom competition this season. Today they came out to go through a preliminary inspection of the course, but apparently, the guy on the far right took a big fall yesterday and hurt his shoulder.
[Riesen Slalom Course]

The groomed snow on the southern route of Usagidaira and Skyline was hard packed, while the area along the Kurobishi 2 Quad and HAPPO PARKS had firmly groomed surfaces; each of which had the feel of powder. Speaking of HAPPO PARKS (pictured), there are currently 13 items available, and I noticed a number of skiers and boarders starting at the goofy bank at the very top of the park and heading over to the 5-meter kicker and spine while others linked jumps on the 8m kicker followed by the 5m kicker.

Later on I struck up a conversation with two people from Mie and Kagawa prefectures. They said they always check the Snownavi site, and continued, “We met you about a week ago while waiting in line at the lift station. Our combined age is 130 years old, and we’re staying out here and skiing for a while longer.” One of the chief characteristics of Happo is that it attracts interesting and discerning characters who appreciate skiing the very best!
[Skyline Course]

[Happo-One Opening Information for 1/24 (Tue.)]
*All courses are available!
*Available Lifts … Gondola (8:00 a.m.-), totally 17 lifts
*Fees … Adult JPY6,500, 6-17 y/o JPY3,200, Over 65 y/o JPY5,800 (Until Mar. 19)

*Printable Rental Discount Coupons!
Carving Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY3,000 / Outerwear JPY2,500!
Carving Ski・Snowboard High Performance Model Rental JPY500 OFF!
Kid’s Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY2,500 / Outerwear JPY1,500!

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