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2023.03.31185cm / Sunny

It was a mild and clear start to the day, with thin clouds stretching in front of the sun. The snow surface loosened slowly and the conditions remained good for a quite a while during the morning. I found it easy to set my edges and ski at speed on the upper portion of Route 1, where the groomed, granular snow surface was moderately firm!
[Upper Portion of Route 1]

As I entered the groomed lower portion of Route 8 (pictured), where there was more shade, I found the snow to be packed more tightly than on the upper portion of Route 1. Both were easy to ski, and I enjoyed my turns on the long, zigzagging course. Despite being a weekday in March, visitors were quick to show up today; such is the appeal of a big resort where you can still ski 900m of elevation change at this time of the year.
[Lower Portion of Route 8]

Routes 5 and 6 (pictured) were groomed with moderately soft, granular snow surfaces. My skis ran well and I thought it might be fun to just ski laps there for a while. The BOOKOFF PRESENTS JAPAN CUP 2023 was scheduled to be held at Tsugaike yesterday and today, but the venue was changed and the competition is currently taking place at 47PARKS.
[Route 6]

The lower part of Route 1 had a crusty, groomed granular snow surface that stretched all the way down to the base area (pictgured). (*It is necessary to walk a bit to the gondola base station.) I ran into a couple from Osaka that I had previously crossed paths with, that told me, “We were in your report on 3/20 (Mon.), and said we were going to return home at the end of March, but we’re more worried about the snow than our house, so we decided to stay (lol). We’ll be here as long as we can ski.”
[Lower Portion of Route 1]

[Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba47 Availability Inforation on 3/31 (Fri.)]
*Over half of areas open (=All courses are available except for Iimori Area, Champion Expert)
*Available Lifts … Goryu Tele-cabin (8:15-), Line-8 (8:00-) and totally 8 lifts.
*Lift Fees … 3/11- Spring Discount 1 Day Ticket 18-79 y/o JPY5,000, 13-17 y/o JPY4,300, 6-12 y/o 2,600 *Ticket Deposit JPY500 required.
*Printable Rental Discount Coupons!
Adul 1 Day Pass + Rental 1 Day Coupon = JPY11,000 → JPY7,800!
Child 1 Day Pass + Rental 1 Day Coupon = JPY7,000 → JPY4,400!
Adul 2 Day Pass + Rental 2 Day Coupon = JPY20,500 → JPY15,200!
Child 2 Day Pass + Rental 2 Day Coupon = JPY12,900 → JPY8,400!

Carving Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY3,000 / Outerwear JPY2,500!
Carving Ski・Snowboard High Performance Model Rental JPY500 OFF!
Kid’s Ski・Snowboard 1-Day Rental Set JPY2,500 / Outerwear JPY1,500!

*Goryu47 will be updated 5 times a week from December to March, 2 to 3 times a week from April.
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